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Ebook Title             : Protecting Poor and Vulnerable Households In Indonesia

Ebook Thickness  : 110 Pages

Ebook Language   : English

Over the past decade Indonesia has made impressive strides in poverty reduction, cutting the overall poverty rate by over two-fi fths since the turn of the decade (1999/2000). Even today, however, nearly 30 million people live below the offi cial poverty line while an additional 65 million remain vulnerable to falling into poverty. The Government of Indonesia is committed to tackling these challenges while further accelerating the pace of poverty reduction.

Social assistance initiatives and social safety nets play a central role in Indonesia’s poverty reduction strategy as complements to continued sustainable macroeconomic growth and the generation of more and better job opportunities. Well-designed and effectively-implemented social assistance programs provide two key functions. First, they protect the poor and vulnerable from chronic destitution and the risk of impoverishment stemming from negative economic shocks.Second, they promote independence and productivity by encouraging households to make wise investments and by providing more effective strategies for households to improve their own livelihoods.

Indonesia delivers a range of social assistance programs prioritized for poor and vulnerable households. Until now, however, little was known about how well these programs protect and promote families and individuals. To provide answers to these and related questions, Protecting Poor and Vulnerable Households in Indonesia quantifi es and analyzes patterns of public spending on social assistance and comprehensively reviews the effectiveness of each of Indonesia’s main social assistance programs. The fi ndings herein will help guide reforms for social assistance programs that work smarter and more effi ciently to help those most in need.

Emerging as a middle-income country with a strong recent record of growth and sound macroeconomic and fi nancial management, Indonesia is well-placed and ready to take several steps forward in protecting and promoting the poor and vulnerable. This will require developing a new generation of social assistance programs, which expand upon and extend beyond the reach of today’s programs, as well as knitting both new and old initiatives together into a coherent system that functions as a reliable social safety net for all households in all occasions.

This report would not have been possible without close collaboration with partners in the Government of Indonesia, the research community and development partners. We look forward to further shared exploration and to understanding and applying what we have learned to fi nd the right policy solutions for Indonesia. It is our sincere hope that this report will contribute to evidence-based policy making for Indonesia’s social assistance programs. Together we can support Indonesian households who are paving their own way out of poverty and building a better future for themselves.

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