Novel Twivortiare - by Ika Natassa

Ebook Title             : Twivortiare

Ebook Thickness  : 360 Pages

Ebook Language   : English

I can’t remember what got me to do this in the first place, but one morning, this thing hit my head: hey, what if a character that I’ve created in one of my books has a Twitter account? What he/she would say?

Well, to say I had too much time in my hand or that I got bored at that time is probably not far from the truth. So yes, that morning on January 23rd—which was around the time that I was experiencing the so-called writer’s block while finishing Antologi Rasa—I set up a Twitter account under the name of @alexandrarheaw, tweeting as Alexandra Wicaksono, the female lead in my 2nd book Divortiare.

At first I didn’t promote that thing. I just tweeted once in a while, and suddenly I realized that it was growing followers. And you know what, some started speculating that Alexandra was real. That the book I wrote a few years back was about this one real woman. So before it got carried away, I just tweeted in my personal account @ikanatassa that now they can follow @alexandrarheaw as the spin-off of Divortiare. Well, whaddayaknow, at the time I wrote this, the @alexandrarheaw got some twelve hundred followers. Which for me, is kinda... wow.

What’s more wow, though, is how the followers—in this case, my readers—reacted to the tweets. They asked questions, com- mented, and expressed their emotions towards some of the things that I tweeted as if this Alexandra character is real. Suddenly I’m in this weird, cosmic, unfathomable interactive relationship with the followers. Which is totally new for me. I didn’t even know that their comments and questions could actually lead me to making up stories as we go. At one point, I think I got really really creative that I said to myself ”I can’t believe I’m tweeting this shit but it’s fun.” @alexandrarheaw’s tweets, like all Twitter ramblings, are plotless, spontaneous, chaotic, just as a normal, living person lives his/her life.

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